About Shirt Party

The remedy for the never ending need to vacation from everyday reality, Shirt Party provides a curated cocktail of rare vintage gems and party prints to make your heart froth. 

Shirt Party lives a east meets west coastal vibe in the city, pulling inspiration from the late 70's, early 80's, and the best parts of every decade.

Our mission is to find the most insane, rare, and original vintage pieces, that truly are a piece of history, the real inspiration pieces that create the current styles from today.

Forever creating a colorful, retro world of our own, Shirt Party wanted to share these rare and radical finds with others who can appreciate the novelty, design, and love for the past as we do, creating a party of everything we love and are drawn to, put together in a collection of clothing and accessories. 

Every garment is picked, swooned over, then presented to you in it's best form, ready to carry on in this little party we call life.